A Worst Case Scenario for 2012

Many people I speak to are disappointed with President Obama, and I can understand it, I have had my moments of downright anger. I believe that the biggest reason for this is not that he did this or didn’t do that, but that we have not seen any change. Unlike Congress, he does not owe the corporate lobbyists for his election, he owes the people. The funny thing is that the founding fathers gave Congress only two year terms to guarantee that they would not be in office long enough to corrupt the government. They believed that the people would catch on quickly to any corruption and those who were partial to special interests would not have enough time to do any real damage. Little did the founding fathers know, that because they only had two years, they would have little time to do anything for the people because they had to guarantee that the corporations that paid for their campaigns, would pay for the next. So their allegiance is to the money and not the people. However, the President’s campaign was paid for by the people, and he has only three years to secure their support.

I have peeked over the shoulders of the Fates, and seen the path ahead of us, so I was not expecting him to fix the economy, or put an end to war. I was hoping for mind blowing, never saw that coming CHANGE. I was hoping for something like an executive order putting a moratorium on foreclosures, I was hoping for a change, like attacking the problem from the bottom up, instead of the same ole, same ole trickle down method, which never quite ends up actually trickling down. I was not hoping for a solution, as I was hoping for a new paradigm in the way the government goes about seeking solutions. I was hoping for a change. Now, I know that most of the Republicans in Congress have no intention of doing anything except protecting the interests of the corporations that keep them in office. And many others have the singular goal of making sure that anything that could keep President Obama in office, fails. Yet, I hoped that in this unprecedented time of suffering for the citizens of the United States, he could declare a state of emergency and by executive order, do something wild and outside of the box to help the people. That would be a change, one not seen since FDR. I really feel that the only thing that that can lead us at least in the direction of better is different.

As we face 2012 with understandable trepidations, and as we Astrologers face a configuration that is very difficult to gloss over because it has never passed without notice. The last time we saw this set up was the great depression and WWII. I have been saying to people that there was not going to be some devastating event. But I am not too sure anymore. We are facing a minefield, one in which we would be well served to revisit the history of that last time we saw this lineup. It would do well to revisit Germany, because they were experiencing a terrible depression. People were going through exactly what we are experiencing today an environment of fear and helplessness. Then a man came from obscurity to power, a man named Adolf Hitler.

Sadly, when people lose hope, they seem to find solace in being given someone to blame, someone to punish – because it is something that they can do to relieve their helplessness, and even shame. Find a bad guy, eliminate the bad guy, and live happily ever after. So, regardless of what is happening in the televised economy, the people are living in a growing climate of joblessness, homelessness, and increasing hopelessness. If something drastic is not done soon to effect the lives of those Americans who once lived in homes along Main Street, but now are living on the sidewalks, in parks and cars along Main Street, there is no telling what will happen. However, history tells us that those ingredients have always made a volatile cocktail.

The thing that scares me is that 2012 is an election year. Whom we elect could be the spark that ignites the fire. It will depend entirely on whether or not President Obama can justify the hope that he gave us, in exchange for our votes. Because I fear, it was all the hope that we had left. If he cannot deliver for the people, if he cannot deliver a reason for our hope, then I am very much concerned that whoever runs against him in the next election, as in Nazi Germany, will deliver a scapegoat for our rage.

Barack Obama is the face of an unseen America

I don’t see Barack Obama coming into the White House and working miracles, his miracle was making it to the White House.  I see him as the face of the melting pot in which we live, with pride.  I see him as a man with one agenda – to place this nation back on the path our forefathers intended.  He is a father of two young children and understands that the lives that they lead as adults will depend, as will the lives of every child in this country, on building up the foundations upon which the country can again grow.

We cannot be the greatest nation in the world if we are not the healthiest, we cannot be the greatest nation in the world if we are not the most educated.  This does not mean having the healthiest rich, but having the healthiest masses.  It does not mean having the most educated rich, but having the most educated masses.  To continue on the path that we have been going would deny his children and all of our children a future that is safe, that is free, and that is happy.

I had given up on this country ever being strong again.  I had given up because to do so will require great sacrifices, especially from those corporations and individuals who are responsible for the enormous gulf that has grown over the past twenty years between the wealthy and the middle class, causing the middle class to become an endangered species in the United States.  I have hope because I see Barack Obama as a man who is willing to do the hard things, as us to do the hard things for the right reasons.

But I must say that personally, and a bit selfishly, I am grateful beyond words for Barack Obama.  It is not just because he has changed the lives of African Americans and how they will forever on see themselves.  But because he has given a true place in history to a growing segment of the population, to I have been a lifelong member – an unseen, uncounted, and poorly represented minority group  known to the Census Bureau as ‘Other’.