Your Wall

I cannot pierce the wall you’ve built

You won’t hear what I say

I’m trying hard to reach for you

But you just slip away

It’s only love that makes me say

The things you will not hear

You say you want me close to you

But won’t let me get near

You’ve been fighting for so long

Do you remember why?

You say you want to give me joy

But still you make me cry

How long can I try to give

To someone I can’t see ?

Don’t you know you can’t be happy

Till you want to be?

I cannot promise I will stay

I cannot promise I will stay
For someday I must go
I promise you I will not change
But not that I won’t grow
I promise you the here and now
And all that it contains
I promise you that brilliant sun
But only till it rains
I love you with the love I need
And that I give for free
But I can’t give you happiness
Unless you want to be
I promise I will give the truth
At least the truth I know
And I will pray that knowing this
Won’t make you want
To go

I wish I could love you

Run away from the pain and hurt that I cause

The love I can give you is covered with flaws

Build on the things that you yet may not see

Build on a life that does not include me

Don’t be an enabler protecting my soul

Don’t try to fix what you cannot make whole

You deserve much more than I can give now

I wish I could love you but I don’t know how

You are so special and precious to me

The best I can give you is to set you free

I’m sorry I hurt you it wasn’t my goal

I’m sorry I used you to make me feel whole

I’ll turn my back now please run far away

For if I can catch you I will make you stay’

You can’t make me love you the way you should be

For I can’t love anyone till I love me.