You Always Have A Choice


You always make a choice

You make a choice

To be the driver of your live


You make a choice to be

The passenger


But in choosing to be

The driver be aware

Of not only the destination

Bit also the passing of life

Along the way


And if you choose to be

The passenger,

Choose to share in knowing

The destination

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Do not just idly watch life

As it passes by

You can choose to make

Each decision as it comes

Or you can choose to follow

The decisions of others

Whichever choice you make

Choose to be responsible


Whether Active or passive

Whether Leading or following

Whether Moving or staying

You have made a choice

A decision

Active or passive

And In the quiet acceptance

Of your choice

In the quiet acceptance

Of your responsibility

You will find

Quiet power

And active peace

The Relay Race

My life is
Like a relay race
God gave my soul
My soul passed it on
To the infant
Who added form
And passed it on
To the child
Who added faith
And passed it on
To the adolescent
Who added hope
And passed it on
To the young mother
Who added consistency
And passed it on
To the woman
Who added acceptance
And passed it on
To who I am now
To add gratitude
And will pass it on
To the me
Who crosses the
Finish line