Occupy Election 2012

The word occupy has come to have a whole new meaning.  The protester was Time Magazine’s person of the year.  The problem is that the Arab protesters get all the coverage and the protesters in this country are mentioned more by the politicians who want to minimize them, than the major news broadcasts.

Oakland was covered only because it was out of control.  Now, we are entering the election year and it will be very difficult to be seen or heard between now and the elections.  But there are major changes that must be made.  When I see tables set up at malls to collect donations for the veterans and their families I am appalled.  I cant remember the last time that I saw a homeless congressman in a wheelchair begging for money to eat.  Yet homeless, disabled veterans are all over the streets begging for food money.  We entrust them to protect our lives and the lives of our families and they deliver, often at an enormous personal cost.  While they entrust us with their lives and the lives of their families and we do not deliver.

We elect overpaid Congressmen and women who put the security of the men and women of the armed forces and their families on the chopping block as government waste to be cut. When was the last time Congress voted to put their salaries and benefits on the chopping block to be cut?  The statement constantly repeated by Congress and those in the 1%, is that the Occupy Movement has no defined goals.  They are wrong, the goals are defined succinctly in the use of 99% vs 1%, if anyone is confused, it means that the problem is that these numbers depict accurately an oligarchy, not a democracy.  The hardships inflicted on the majority of the people under such a system are numerous and often depicted on signs held by those in the movement.   However all of the problems fall under the one umbrella symbolized by the words. “We are the 99%”. We could possibly be more clear by calling it the 99% syndrome, defined as. “A group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms.”

I listen to each of the Republican candidates speak and never do I hear any reference to the income disparity in this country.  I never hear any reference to the real causes of our problems, the Wall Street Bankers and Corporate Moguls.  I hear about how there should be less regulation of business, and instead of additional taxes on the wealthiest Americans, more cuts in services that effect the poor, the middle class and the elderly.  Far too few in Congress have the desire to help us.  Taxes should be raised on those who make over $250,000, but if that number is a problem, then make it over $500,000.  Keep the taxes just as they are for those who make from 100,000 to 500,000, raise taxes for those who make more and lower taxes for those who make less.

It says in the Bible, “For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required.” — Luke 12:48.  It is only “Christian” to require more from those who have benefitted more from this nation.  It does not matter how much a person has worked, whatever monies they have made are theirs because of the fact that this country made that earning possible.  We are not equally paid for our work.  The privilege of being a millionaire is a just that, a privilege.  There are countries where our millionaires and billionaires could not have amassed the monies that they have.  That makes it a privilege.  In return for that privilege of having so much more, more is required.

The Constitution says that all men are created equal.  It says that they have an unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Now there is nothing in the Constitution that says that each one of us must have the same amount of material success, the Founding Fathers did not feel that the government should force the wealthy to share their wealth with the poor, or the hardworking should share their earnings with the lazy.  What they meant was that each person, at least in this country, should have equal access to the means necessary to achieve the fulfillment of those unalienable rights.  They knew that the FIRST thing that should be guaranteed by the government was the free education necessary to obtain a job that would allow one to support his or her life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  At one time that education was merely elementary, then it became high school, and now it is College.  This is the only industrialized nation where healthcare and education are not a birthright.  Yet without access to at least affordable healthcare and education, our unalienable rights are not protected.

If the 99% is going to have a chance any time soon, we will have to make a difference in this election.  Each party looks to its base, depends on its base.  That consists of registered party members.  There is no point trying to chase down candidates in order to be heard.  The best way, the only way to be heard now is whether or not you are or were a democrat or a republican, you should become a registered independent.  If each party sees that it does not have enough registered. they will have to move out of their blaming the other party rhetoric and find a way to reach the independents.  Perhaps if we become as strong as the Tea Party, we can actually emerge with some candidates who are really of the people and for the people.  But the most important thing that we can do, is to withdraw from both parties and build a strong third party, one that is centered on righting the inequities that were never meant to exist in the country.

The problem that exists is not who wins, or who has the most;  the problem is that the playing field is not level.  This country was not built to keep everyone on the same level, having the same things.  This country was built to guarantee that everyone had the same chance to go as far as they could, or not.  Our Founding Fathers wanted everyone to have equal access to the tools necessary to pursue the American Dream.  From there we are all on our own.  We need to speak to Washington in a language that they understand and cannot ignore.  We need to speak to them in our voting power.  And we need to do it now. Let us occupy this election and seal the changes that 2012 promises.

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