Seeking The Truth and Finding Understanding

It has been very difficult for me to post because I am so caught up in what is going on today and it is so easy to pass judgment.  I am not comfortable writing about a topic so long as I feel that my view is obviously the right one.  I have learned that however deeply I feel something to be the truth, someone feels as deeply that it is not.  Until I can understand the path that lead that person to his opposing view, my own view  is only strong enough to hold me.

In writing, my goal is not simply to describe the world as I see it, but to also expand the vision, or give words to the visions of those who read what I write.  A cube has six sides.  The whole, or the truth of a cube can only be expressed by connecting six sides.  Six people, each viewing one side cannot call their side, a cube.  So, I attempt to write when I feel that when I express my perspective it is not my intent to replace the perspective of someone else.

When I began my search for the ultimate truth, it was for no higher purpose than to eliminate the embarrassment of being wrong.  I was bothered by having to rethink my position and then declare to the world that I was not right.  However, my search has taken many twists and turns, and through that process I developed a sincere desire to understand.

I came to the realization that there was my truth, your truth and the truth.  Again, I just had to find “The Truth”.  This was a good place to begin ego stripping, because I found that my truth could never be anything but, my truth.  As hard as I searched, with as open a mind as I could attain, I found that, at least in our world, there just isn’t “The Truth”.  At least not in any useful way.  I found that there has always been “the Seed”  from which all truths are born.  But “the Seed” is not “The Truth”.  A three dimensional world has three dimensions.  There is no one place to stand in which to visualize all sides at once and thus see the whole picture.

Regardless of where I stand, I will only see one side, and even if that side varies markedly from the side I was once on, there is still at least one more side that I am not seeing.  Even being open minded enough to make the effort to see all sides, I will still, inevitably, choose one to be the right one and chances are it will be the one that resonates with my existing belief pattern, or current experience.
When I was in my early twenties I began to study numerology.  I remember reading about my personal numbers and thinking at first that they really, “sucked”.  I wanted this one love who would worship and adore me, and who I, in return, would worship and adore.  All the rest was background noise.  Numerology did not hold this as a possibility, in this life at least.  My numbers only spoke of universal love and giving, they spoke of disappointment in seeking that all consuming great love that I was living for.

Up to that point, disappointment was a fitting word to describe my quest for that one true all consuming love.  But then it came to me, a voice in my head told me that God would put my greatest happiness on whatever path I was meant to walk.
Just because I had to experience a different kind of love than the one I was looking for, didn’t mean that it would feel less joyous.  In other words, God does not ask us to sacrifice our happiness, or our fulfillment.  The only thing that we are asked to sacrifice is our egocentric belief that we know better than God where that joy and fulfillment can be found.

I remember when I first felt that Obama would be elected President.  I was happy knowing that it would open a door that could not ever be closed again.  It declared that we are as equal as we choose to believe that we are.  At the same time, I was very saddened intuitively knowing that, “all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put humpty together again.”  The foundation of our capitalistic, materialistic system was being shattered into pieces that were not meant to be reconstructed.

The world as we have believed it to be was coming to an end.  The world envisioned by Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, and the many mystics and enlightened men and women would become the manifest world in which we live.  They taught us that material gain was empty – we would see it now as empty.  They taught that attachment was the root of suffering – and through our attachment, our suffering is growing.  They taught us that only through compassion, faith, love and kindness could joy be found.  We are finding that governments are helplessly bound in a stalemate – a battle between the old ways and the new.  And because we cannot find relief from our governments, we seek the help, the kindness and compassion of our neighbors.

Some of us must overcome our pride and ask for help.  Some of us must overcome our fear of lack and extend our help.  Yet, through this process, we are all being forced to overcome the inner attachments that tie us to the material world and block us from seeing the beauty in the spiritual world that lies before us.  Still, so long as we have governments and leaders, change will require their participation.  I have heard it said that the unfinished steps on the back of the United States Seal symbolize our forefathers belief that what they began would continue, and grow, and evolve to fulfill the needs and secure the rights of all of the people.

No man can change the course when God has laid the stones of that path.  We have learned all that there is to learn from taking whatever we want and thinking only of ourselves and our own.  We have emptied that well of any value.  Now we will learn all that there is to learn from giving, from seeing all, as ourselves and all, as our own, and giving all that we have to give. We are now learning that if everyone is giving – everyone is receiving.

The most that any President can do is to redirect our country, through whatever incentives or programs within his power, into a direction that serves all of mankind, the earth, and those we may consider the most insignificant of God’s creatures.  And it should not be through punishing the abuser, but through generously rewarding those who do what is right for all.  “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”, let the profiteers do what they do and take what they take, but let the government generously reward and assist those who do what is best for those who have always benefited the least.

Barack Obama was elected in part because of who and what he was, but in a larger part because of who and what he was not. He was elected by the people, those same people who are losing their homes, their jobs and their health benefits.  He has two years, not to turn the economy around, but to reach down and make a real change in the lives of the people for whom he is the final hope.  A change, that no one else can claim credit for.  It could be forcing a moratorium on foreclosures, or something to help the growing number of families in dire need of assistance, or even improving education for all public schools.  But it has to be something that is tangible.

I was not a Bush supporter, yet spiritually I knew that he was destined by God to bring us to our knees and allow us to be the direct benefactors of our own actions.  However, although I am not a Bush supporter, I am a Bush admirer.  He found ways to use his authority to accomplish what he believed he had to accomplish.  He did not acknowledge obstacles.  In a very human way, that attitude made many people feel safe, even if their safety was an illusion – who cares?  Our illusions are the fortresses we live in.

We want everything, but we don’t want to pay.  We want big business because we want to be rich one day.  We want Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny delivering our packages – ON TIME.  We need a leader who will move, with complete conviction to give us, not what we want, but what we clearly need to insure the best quality of life for the greatest number of people for the longest period of time.  We don’t need someone who listens to us, as much as someone who sees the deteriorating quality of our lives.

I read somewhere where someone was quoted as saying that the majority does not rule, the majority is ruled.  The majority of people, approximately 70%, want – need to be told what to believe.  This is what religion does – this is what packs the pews.  About 25% of the people want to do whatever they want to do, and believe whatever they want to believe.  And only about 5% want sincerely to search from the heart for what is right for all – this is the path of spirituality. It has no leaders and no followers only seekers.

On the spiritual path, we seek a personal relationship, a personal understanding of God.  What this really means is that in the highest and truest sense, God is, and the ultimate truth is, what each of us experiences as such.  The truth that lies at the end of the journey is not the singularity of one point – one way, one path.  No, the truth is the singularity of one entire Universe of perspectives – growing, changing, evolving.  It does not narrow as our journey progresses, it expands until it encompasses All-That-Is.  For us as individuals, and for our leaders, the highest good that we can strive for, the greatest success that we can achieve, is to see everyone within the concept of “I”, and to include loving and caring for every species of life, when think taking care of, “our own”.

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