God is an Ocean of Consciousness


God is an Ocean of Consciousness
Nothing exists outside of it
For there is no outside of it…it is THAT
It is All That Is and All that will ever be
From its deepest being a wave rises into a dream
And from THAT a rainbow of luminous drops are cast up
From the Ocean in which each drop has always existed yet
Unaware of its existence

To become self-conscious – self aware
To journey into the dream and find the individual “I am”
A journey to know the eternal self that slept within THAT
A self that once awakened
To itself
Will eternally be
Itself, eternally “I am”

This is the beginning of evolution
To know oneself apart from One-Self
It says, “I am this” but “Great is THAT”
It first sees THAT as all-powerful
So it seeks to amass power

It then sees THAT as the Creator
So it seeks to create
It sees All That Is as belonging to THAT
So it seeks to own all there is
It sees THAT as perfect
So it seeks the power to create and define perfection

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And defines it in its own image
So that it can attain what it seeks
And excludes all others that appear different
Because it sees only the world of the dream
It comes to learn that it needs love, so
The self seeks to learn LOVE
It comes to learn that it needs kindness, so
The self seeks to learn KINDNESS

It comes to learn that it needs compassion, so
The self seeks to learn COMPASSION
Through many lives in many dreams
Through every shade of every body, and
Every gain with equal loss
As it absorbs each pain and sorrow
Each joyful moment along the path
In each life within the dream the self becomes the sum
Of all lives before
Until, when all dreams have been dreamt
All characters have been played – oppressed, oppressor,
Winner, loser, master, slave, persecutor, persecuted, superior, inferior
It doesn’t remember that it has walked every path, but somehow it knows
The pain of the stones and the nails on the way…
It becomes Empathy
It doesn’t remember all of the times that it was hungry, or homeless

But the needs of others feel too familiar
So, it becomes Kindness
It doesn’t remember its lives of suffering, but scars of the suffering has become
A part of its being and so, without thought, or plan, all suffering of all beings
Opens wounds lost in time
It becomes Compassion.

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It doesn’t remember the lives of material abundance, but the soul knows
The dream holds nothing it has not tired of, and so it covets nothing
And coveting nothing
It becomes free

It doesn’t remember all the battles, diseases, and deaths it has passed through
Yet each one is a part of the self’s becoming
Without knowing why, it knows its eternal, unconsciously knowing
There’s nothing to fear
It becomes fearless
Being fearless, wanting nothing, the dream becomes powerless and
It becomes Power
Feeling all life as itself, and seeing the Divine in all,
No longer aware of differences, no longer nourished by the stuff of the dream,
The dream vanishes, the dreamer awakens
It knows that it is, itself, it knows it knows that it is the SELF, it says, “I AM”,
It says “I know that I AM,” it says, “I know, that I am, and that you are, THAT”
Enriched and Awakened, it returns, to bring its gifts back to ITSELF,
back to All-That-is. And as it’s many lives, color by color
Turned the drop from the rainbow into the rainbow itself

It returns home to the Ocean, once lost, now found
Once empty, now complete –
Once seeking, now guiding, once asking, now offering, once alone
Now All-One.