The Awe Inspiring

A friend of mine has a daughter named Elena. One day I was driving Elena, “Leni” to school when she was ten years old and she said, “No one understands how great it is that they wake up.” I really didn’t understand what she meant, since there was no context for the statement and she was ten years old, so I asked her what she was talking about. She replied, “Everyone just thinks that they are going to wake up every day, they never think that some people don’t”. When I finally understood what she meant I was blown away at how profound and spiritual a statement that was. How amazing that we forget what a miracle just being here to see another day is. How ever much I may moan and groan about the trials and tribulations of my life, I still find it awe inspiring when I stop to think about the simple fact that we, and all this life around us actually exists at all.

There are many things that science can explain, and many more that they will be able to explain in the future. But the things that they will never explain are things like, joy, beauty, kindness, compassion, pain, suffering sadness, emptiness, longing – those emotions that fill the human experience. Science may be able to tell us what chemicals are stimulated in order to cause an emotion, they can tell us what neurons are firing when, but they cannot tell us why we feel at peace when we stare up at a beautiful blue sky. Before there is any chemical interaction, there is some reason. Science can tell us the process that follows the lighting of the spark of life, but it will never be able to tell us what lights it.

I am an Astrologer, I have been studying and practicing Astrology for over twenty years. The reason that I can say that I am an Astrologer and not that I was an Astrologer is because it works. As an Astrologer, I don’t look up at the sky, I look at a chart that I print out from my computer which has the symbols which represent the planets, the Sun and the Moon on it. I don’t even think about the sky. One day a friend of mine, who is an Astrologer but also grew up fascinated by Astronomy, pointed up to the night sky and said, “Look, there’s Jupiter”. It took me aback because I just never thought about the real planet.

Now, I can tell someone that they are, have, or will be entering a time of enormous transformation, a time, where loss may be the dominant experience in the life of that person. I have never said it and had anyone say, “Oh, no you are mistaken”, no, they generally say, “Wow, I can’t believe you know that just from that piece of paper”. I am guided to make this statement because of where the planet (or whatever it is classified as now) Pluto is sitting in the person’s chart. Yet, it makes no logical sense to me whatsoever, that a body of ice so many millions of miles away from the earth, a very tiny body of ice at that, actually determines the experiences that a person is going to have during a clearly determined period of time. In fact, in Astrology, nothing has a greater impact on our lives than that tiny little body of ice. To me, this is awe-inspiring. I am a logical person; I once felt that in order for me to believe a thing it had to make sense. Today, I need a thing to either make sense or to work. I am amazed at how a signal can be sent into outer space from one point and then beamed down to my television set; it does not make sense to me, but it works.

There are some quantum physicists who believe that the universe is like a giant hologram, where the entirety of the whole image is contained in each part. Perhaps this explains how people can accurately read Astrological charts, tarot cards, tea leaves, palms, bones, stones, and probably anything. There are so many things that happen in the world around us, and so many more that could happen if we just opened our consciousness to the possible and to the possibly never explainable. No one will ever explain how a bumble bee flies, it is physically impossible, just as it is impossible for an ant to carry so many times its body weight, but the bee flies and the ant carries. It is impossible for a physical planet, composed of gas, rock, or ice, to be connected with the timing of a new love in my life, or the loss of a job, but somehow it is, and it has been since man was given the gift of sight.

The world can be divided into two categories God made and man made. What is man made can be explained, understood, duplicated and even improved upon consistently. What is God made cannot be explained, understood, or duplicated, and it can never ever be improved upon, the best that we can do is observe, utilize and stand in humble awe.

Astrology, to me, is like an owners manual for our lives. One, I believe of many. If someone said that God wrote a book, wouldn’t something so little and disposable as words on paper seem a tad limiting for such a great Energy? Wouldn’t the stars be an apt place for a power so great to write a message to all of mankind for eternity? I know people who believe in Astrology but do not believe in God. Personally, I could not imagine what other force could accurately draw the map of our collective and individual destinies using the planets and stars for ink, and the skies for paper.

Understanding That Choice And Destiny Work Together

There is no reason to feel robbed of choice by destiny, or to worry that the wrong choice will ruin our destiny. All choices accomplish our destiny. It is through the choices that we learn, and it is because of the ability to make choices that we come to this particular planet. It is our journey that sets up the situations in which we must make the choices and it is through making the choices that we reach our destiny.

One thing that we cannot deny is that there are many synchronicities in our lives. These synchronicities show us that there is a plan. There is destiny, which is a destination. However there are many ways to reach it. There are many rivers that empty into the same ocean. Those many rivers in our lives represent our choices. In every moment of our lives there are choices that we make, those choices determine the experiences that we will encounter on our way to our destination, but they do not change the destination.

Those synchronistic moments are destined points. Each path that we take, each choice that we make takes us on a journey towards our destination, however no one way is longer or shorter although some may be easier than others. This is where our free will comes in. We come here with certain karma and certain things that we must learn. We can learn them the hard way or we can learn them the easy way, each way represents a path that we take, but neither path changes the destination. If, for example one has to learn patience, one would be in such a hurry that corners would constantly be cut and experiences rushed through. One would be faced constantly with choices that would give the impression that there is always a way to cut corners and skip steps to get ahead. Each fork in the road would provide all that would be needed in order to take the easy way out. It would always be the most apparent option. That choice will always seem so tempting and so obvious.

Along that path if one takes the easy way there will always be traps, which will begin to appear as soon as one is too far in to turn back. Always ending up working twice as hard as would have been the case had the task been handled slowly and with patience from the beginning. One would notice at one point that this scenario exists and perhaps choose to do it the slow cautious way from the beginning, therefore changing the path from one that is difficult to one that is smooth. Thus now creating a path in which everything falls into place.

One may on the other hand continue choosing the apparent easy way believing that just changing one thing will make it right. However, each time there is one different thing that will go wrong because the destination is to learn patience. I always believed that I had to find the perfect job. I went from job to job never staying more than one year in any place. Each time I was disappointed to find that I was no further ahead than I was at the job before that one. Finally it dawned on me that it was not being in the right place that was the problem; not staying in one place long enough for growth to happen was my problem. When I committed to staying in the next place that I landed regardless of how much I wanted to move on, my life changed. This was a part of my process.

There are many lessons in our lives that we must learn and the paths that our lives take depend upon our learning those lessons. An easy life is not the birthright of the majority of souls here at this time.
We learn our lessons regardless of what choice we make. We teach what we are here to teach no matter what we do. We are each the student, the teacher, and the lesson. In spite of how we react to our lives on earth, our souls are learning. All of the lessons are predestined. It is through the soul’s journey that we meet each lesson. The journey is the lesson and each lesson is the adventure. We always get where we are supposed to go, even though many times it is not exactly where we planned to go. It is however exactly where we agreed to go before we incarnated.

The clock that we are on here is not a clock marked by seconds, minutes and hours; it is a clock marked by lessons, agreements and destiny. It does not matter how long it takes us to reach a certain point, all of the things that we consider wrong turns and dead ends are merely the places we had to go to get the tools and the emotional strength that we needed to move to the next destination.

There are special relationships that we are here to have. Most of them are not to be permanent, but all of them have a specific lesson within them for us to learn. We are never with the wrong person, each person allows us to perfect some part of ourselves. Each person in our lives reflects those things in us that we need to focus on. We come from one Source and we journey towards returning to that Source. While we are here on earth, we are learning that we are one. All of the souls that we meet, and all of the souls that inhabit the planet with us along with the ones who have left us here, are one.

People risk destroying themselves and their lives in order to “fix” their bodies to make them more attractive to others. They change their faces, blow up their lips, and vacuum out their stomachs to attract someone who will love them. But if they are attracted by the things that we do to change ourselves – it is the change and not us that matters to the other person. So the feeling of being unloved remains. If there is something about ourselves that we want to change for ourselves this is fine. Yet if we are changing our bodies in order to attract that special someone who will love us, we are missing the point. When we meet someone special we feel a sense of fate around the meeting and this is because it is a fated meeting. been a feeling of fatedness about the meeting. We can fix our bodies to attract other bodies, but it will never attract someone’s heart or soul. What I see around me are a million lonely Barbies looking for their Kens. When we work on the inside, on who we are, we will attract to us someone interested in who we are. That special someone will love us, that love will be love soul to soul. Even more importantly, that person is destined to be with us when we are ready, not ready on the outside but ready on the inside. There are many superficial experiences that we have and learn from. Yet what affects us on the inside, those things that touch our souls are the things that are in our destiny. We do not make them happen we can only grow to meet them, and make sure that we are prepared for them when we do.

When we Realize

When we realize that we are not God

And that only God is perfect

When we realize our minuteness

And forgive our fallibility

When we accept our imperfection

And forgive our humanness

When we reject what pleases us

For a moment

And seek what fulfills us

For a lifetime

When we realize that we do not need love

For we are


Is when the definition of joy

Will be living

Do You Have To Love Yourself To Love Others?

Success is as dangerous as failure.
Hope is as hollow as fear.

What does it mean that success is a dangerous as failure?
Whether you go up the ladder or down it,
you position is shaky.
When you stand with your two feet on the ground,
you will always keep your balance.

What does it mean that hope is as hollow as fear?
Hope and fear are both phantoms
that arise from thinking of the self.
When we don’t see the self as self,
what do we have to fear?

See the world as your self.
Have faith in the way things are.
Love the world as your self;
then you can care for all things.

Tao te Ching

My friend, Paul Crockett,  posed a question that I thought to be profound.  He asked, “If one does not love one’s self, can one love others?”.  He said that he believed that one can, but my first thought was, “How”? This led me to the realization that we all love ourselves.  Even when I believed that I did not love myself, I treated myself lovingly.  If I was stressed, I would buy myself a drink.  If I was sad I would treat myself to something sweet.  Sometimes, I would allow myself to separate from my sense of obligation to others, I would remove myself to be alone and lick my wounds.  Other times when I felt neglected I would take myself shopping to spend money that I did not have on something that I did not need.  I see everyone around me doing the same.  So I have never met anyone who did not love themselves.  If we did not love ourselves, then we would not become defensive when criticized or treated without respect.  We accept ourselves, warts and all, but we do so because we have no choice.

What I believe is that we are all capable of loving others, ‘conditionally’.  More than anything else, the soul incarnates time and again in order to attain the characteristic of unconditional love.  Unconditional love understands, embraces, forgives, it is without judgment.  We love ourselves, but we judge ourselves, we do not forgive ourselves, and we do not see our perfection.  We have been told that only God is perfect.  If we believe that we are parts of, born of, created by God, then we are perfect.

The spiritual path is not traveled by the soul, it is guided by the soul.  It is traveled by the ego, and the spiritual goal of the ego is to become one with its own soul.  For the soul, oneness with All-that-Is, is the goal.  The tool of the soul is the ego.  The soul is love, it is beauty, it is one with all that emanates from Spirit.  The journey, the task of the soul, through each trial and each lifetime of experiences is to tear away at the illusions held by the ego of separateness from the soul, from Spirit, and from all life everywhere.  We come to learn that we are all parts of One Whole, and the Whole is the sum of its parts.  I may be stomach cell, someone else may be a liver cell, another is a heart cell and on and on but we are all perfect in that the whole would not exist without us.

When we attain to this knowledge – when we live our lives from the foundation of this understanding, we no longer judge ourselves.  The transient scales of society which condition our judgment – fat, thin, tall, short, ugly, pretty, smart, stupid, Black, White, rich, poor, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, Jew, all lose their ownership of our lives because we hold only the belief that we are, and all life is a perfect reflection of and vital part of the Spirit that dwells within us.

When we speak of the material world we usually think we are referring to the underlying reality — the world that we are perceiving “out there”. In fact we are only describing our image of reality. The materiality we experience, the solidness we feel, the whole of the “real world” that we know are all aspects of the image created in the mind; they are part of our interpretation of reality. Paradoxical as it may sound, matter is something created in the mind. Peter Russell “From Science To God”

Let us  ourselves as Our Creator sees us.  That we are good.  That the nameless One  The Perfect Source of our existence, would not create an image of itself that was flawed.  And if it did, the flaw itself could be nothing but a new level of perfection.  Living from this reality we not only love ourselves unconditionally, but the love that rises from our being and is felt by those around us is void of judgment, or condition.  There is an understanding that the universe is economic.  No one and no thing is created by Spirit that is unnecessary to the perfection that is All-That-Is.

When people see some things as beautiful,
other things become ugly.
When people see some things as good,
other things become bad.

Being and non-being create each other.
Difficult and easy support each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low depend on each other.
Before and after follow each other.

Therefore the Master
acts without doing anything
and teaches without saying anything.
Things arise and she lets them come;
things disappear and she lets them go.
She has but doesn’t possess,
acts but doesn’t expect.
When her work is done, she forgets it.
That is why it lasts forever.

Tao Te Ching

Every person in our lives is a loving participant on our journey.  Some teach us forgiveness because we must forgive them.  Some teach us patience – because we need it to deal with them.  Some teach us unconditional love because they do things that are hurtful, sometimes without awareness of the effect that they have on us and sometimes fully aware.  And very often they act as mirrors – reflecting back at ourselves the things that we have been unable to love in ourselves.  If we can see each person and experience as a vital part of growth that we came into this life to attain, we will see only beauty, and be able to only love.

This is the path to loving ourselves and all whom we meet unconditionally; it is the path to union with the soul, and The Creator.  This is our purpose for the earthly experience; this is the awakening to the only real truth.  Until we are able to know ourselves only as the Spirit we imagine ourselves separate from, the love that we give and the love that we feel for ourselves will continue to make us feel like a starving man who can see but can never reach the food.

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Wherever We Seek God We Will Find Him

brush drawing on blue primed paper
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Once upon a time there was a very religious community.  The members
gathered everyday to worship God under the guidance of their wise
spiritual teacher.  The people were truly God fearing and followed all
of Gods’ Laws.  But their leader had a son whose actions troubled the

One day the boy, who was four years old, lost his dog.  After
searching all day, he sat down in a field crying and as he cried, he
noticed a leaf on the ground near his feet.  He happened to be staring
at the leaf while he was crying and for the safe return of his dog. 
Two days later the dog was returned healthy and happy.  The boy
attributed this miracle to the leaf and ran out to the field to find
it.  Once he found the leaf he began praying to the leaf every day and
carrying it with him wherever he went – he even brought the leaf to bed.

The congregation became concerned by the actions of this child and
spoke to his father.  The father simply replied, “It is his path”.  And
the congregation went away disappointed.

Soon, the leaf became worn and dry and it crumbled.  The boy was
devastated and cried to his father.  His father simply took him back to
the field where he found the leaf and said, “Son, look there, that is
the tree from which your leaf came, see the thousands of other leaves
it also bears, if not for the tree, you would not have had your leaf. 
The boy was overcome with awe at the sight of the tree full of leaves
and began to worship the tree, going to it and praying everyday with
love and thanksgiving for the life of his dog.

Again, the congregation became concerned by the actions of this
child and spoke to his father.  The father simply replied, “It is his
path”.  And the congregation went away disappointed.

A few months later the tree became diseased and had to be cut down. 
And once again the child was distraught beyond consolation.  His father
again led the boy to the field and said, “You see this field, this is
the field from which your tree and all of these others have come, and
it is the field from which your tree grew, from which your leaf grew
that saved your dog.  So the boy, once again in awe of the expanse of
trees and leaves produced by this field began to lie in the field on
the dirt and the grass and pray every day in love and thanksgiving to
the field.

Once again, the congregation became concerned by the actions of this
child and spoke to his father.  Once again, father simply replied, “It
is his path”.  And the congregation went away disappointed.

Shortly after this, the field was sold to a developer who dug up all
the trees and covered the field with concrete and buildings.  Now the
boy was beyond himself with loss and desperation, there was no more
field, so there would be no more trees, no more leaves and no more
miracles.  His father calmly took him out into the road and said, “Son,
look around you, the earth is covered with fields of trees, with leaves
– all come from the earth and the earth comes from God, the Bible says,
in Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth”. 
God is the Source from which all things are born.  It is God who
created the earth upon which your field grew, from which your tree
grew, from which your leaf grew.  All things come from God and all
things contain God in the form of His messengers.  You prayed to the
angel in the leaf, who sent your message to the angel in the tree, who
sent your message to the angel in the field, who sent your message to
the angel in the earth – who whispered your prayer to God – and because
God heard your prayer from  the leaf, your dog was returned.  So the
boy said, “From now on I will honor God and His Angels by giving thanks
to everything and everyone on earth, but I will send my deepest prayers
to God who is the eternal Source of all.”

The boy grew up to assume his father’s role as teacher, but his
congregation expanded greatly because his journey taught him to
understand and therefore teach, that all paths were created by God to
lead us Home.

God created the world with enough diversity that every being on it
could find something or someone to believe in.  God knew that there is
nothing on earth, whether it is a blade of grass, a human being, a
mosquito, or a brick of gold that does not contain God.  That there is
nothing that man can worship in, in which he does not worship in God. 
Knowing all, God knows that all things on earth will pass, all form
will give way, and everything with a beginning will also have an end. 
But what has no beginning and no end is our search for union with our
Source, and no end to our need to know ourselves and from where we have
come.  In the same way that God created us to know and experience
Himself.  So God places before us a leaf – in which He is, and then a
tree – in which He is, or a statue or a book – in which He is, knowing,
that so long as we seeking signs and forms of Him in the world that is
wholly of Him, we will continue to seek until we find Him – who is in
every atom of the Universe and within whom, the entire universe is but
a tiny atom.   So when you criticize the beliefs of others as not the
right belief, remember that there is no belief that is not created by
God and so there is no belief, except a belief in God.  Just remember
the leaf.

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