Do Not Underestimate The Power of The People

Denise Gibel-Molini

It seems to me that the message that was sent by the people who voted this new administration into office  is being lost in Washington.  There is an enormous difference between government interference in private business, and the taxpayers need to control the incomes of those who they are paying.  The government does not have its own money – it is our money.  These financial institutions that are in need of help from the people, the taxpayers, of the United States, have no right to put stipulations on the help that they get.  That right is ours and ours alone.

In my opinion, these institutions are holding us hostage.  They are counting on the fact that the country needs money to be available for loans.  Each time that one of these institutions refuses the our help, they are saying, “We hold all of the cards, without us, you will fall – and you won’t let that happen – so stop pretending that you are the ones with the choices.”  We are being held hostage, and I fear that our government will cave.

Those who run these financial institutions believe themselves to be superior to us.  They don’t care about those of us whose lives have been ruined and will continue to be ruined by their unceasing greed.  It appears to me that the Republicans, either still feel they are representing the wealthy, or believe that our collective memory is shorter than theirs.  They don’t remember that on election day, the people spoke out.  And they believe that we don’t remember AIG.

Limiting executive compensation for those firms that borrow from the American people is the least that the government can do for the taxpayers.  It is our hard earned money that is being given to these  greedy institutions.  The institutions that played such a large role in the unemployment of over five million American, and homelessness of millions more.  What are we doing?  At enormous cost to us, to our children, and to our grandchildren we are lending money to institutions – money, that very likely will not be paid back.  This is our money, our blood money, it is not the government’s money.  Why should we not determine how our money is spent?  Why should we be kept in the dark as to how our money is spent?  How can our Representatives, bein of sound mind, call this, ‘government interference in private industry’?  This is the lender (the people) laying out the conditions of the loan.  What lender does not have conditions?  What lender does not have built in recourse when a loan is defaulted on?  Do we?

We need to send a message to all who would seek the help of the people.  The message is, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” I would like to see the government tell these institutions to look elsewhere for the money.  Instead of lending it to the banks in hopes of the banks lending it to the people and to small business, the government should itself, lend the money to the people and to small businesses.  The idea of the borrower stipulating the terms of the loan is, to me,  the same, in this instance, as negotiating with terrorists.  How many Americans have and are literally losing their lives because of the practices of these firms?  How many American children are homeless and hungry because of the greed that this country so seriously suffers from?  Why should we, as a people, as taxpaying citizens of the Unites States of America,  kowtow to the banks?  Are we not greater than them? Perhaps, no one heard us last November when we said that we wanted change, or, perhaps the people in Washington somehow have forgotten whose money we are talking about.  I suppose we will have to speak louder and more clearly on the next election day.

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