A Way To Look At 2012

By Denise Gibel Molini

One day as I was driving my car I had a vision of the future.  It was a future that seemed to me to belong to those who will be here perhaps thirty to fifty years from now.  I saw young people living with each other in an environment of peace and cooperation.  I did not feel any remnants of the world that we live in today, in fact, I felt very strongly that they had built their world on the ashes of ours.  The ability to communicate using ESP and all forms of mental powers was very strong.  The only feeling that I had of that time which was negative was their memory of what mankind had to endure in order to get to where they were.  I sensed that there had been much suffering before that point was reached.

This time is very clearly approaching.  It is led by compassion.  I had seen a video on you tube about the bond between a dog and an elephant.  A while back I saw one on the bond between a turtle and a hippo.  I watched on video where a man and women went into the wild to reunite with the lioness that they had released back when she became of age.  The lioness ran and jumped into the arms of the man who raised her.  I had seen a story a couple of years ago about an Orangutan in Africa who adopted abandoned kittens and a pig who adopted puppies Today I watched a story about a dog who nurses abandoned tiger cubs, and cheetah cubs,  and a cat who brought an abandoned baby rabbit and nursed it with her kittens.  I saw a nine year old hippo in South Africa lying in bed with her human owners, kissing and loving them – nestled next to the family dog.  Then there is the remarkable video of the lioness who took care of a baby antelope, and after that one was taken by a lion she went on to care for five more.  The natives named her, Blessed.  Every instinct in her would tell her that this animal was food – but her heart took over.

The underlying energy of this planet that we live upon was for thousands of years, that of dog eat dog, survival of the deadliest – a giant food chain.   It was violent; that which was wild, was by instinct savage.  Not anymore.  The animals that we see are exhibiting what must be called basic compassion.  This is coming from their connectedness with the earth – they immediately incorporate into their instinctual behavior the energy that comes from the earth.  We, as humans have lost our connected with the earth, we are slow to respond to the changes in her energy fields that arise.  We are slow; we are closed off by our belief systems.

We advanced very quickly from the printing press to the industrial age, to the technological age and now the information age because all we had to do was modify what already existed in order to move to the next step – we did not have to reinvent the wheel.  I felt as I experienced this vision that this generation had to reinvent the wheel.  Whatever we built, it seemed that we had either destroyed or used up the resources necessary to maintain.  I felt saddened by what we had done, but happy knowing that the future was so beautiful.

All of the ancient prophesies declare a coming era of peace.  One in which as the Bible states in ISAIAH 2:4 “And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more”. This is the destiny of the New Earth and her inhabitants.  Our challenge is not to create it, it has been created and it is waiting for those who can come out of the desert and enter the Promised Land. Our challenge is to be willing to let go of our golden idols, and our selfish ways.  The future is by any description – Heaven.  Mankind will reach it, perhaps not us, but the human race will.  Even the worst case scenario ends in the knowledge that only through cooperation, understanding, acceptance, compassion, equality and peaceful co-existence can we, as the human race, hope to survive through this millennium.

We have knowledge.  We have information.  What we lack are wisdom and foresight.  We are a “crossed fingers society”.  We react to the inevitable crisis that we will face with our heads in the sand and our fingers crossed.  Katrina is an example of how we handle everything.  It was well known that the levies in New Orleans and Mississippi would not withstand that eventual category 5 hurricane.  But instead of building levies that would, we crossed our fingers and hoped that they would not come down on our watch.  When it was very possible that they would fall, there was still no forced evacuation – there were, however, many fingers crossed.  It was known that the levies were not in the best shape, and nothing was being done about it.  Had we been prevention oriented would we not have made sure that  there was a plan in place to evacuate all of the surrounding areas.  But as usual, our plan was more cost efficient – we crossed our fingers.

The Bush Administration entered into a war in Iraq with no exit strategy – no strategy at all, except of course – crossed fingers.  I have recently read articles by economists at the beginning of the sub-prime boom promising that it would bring us to where we are today.  So, many knew what the likely outcome of what we were doing was.  Instead of forcing a change in course – we crossed our fingers.  We have become a society that has an enormous aversion to the cost of prevention.  We know in our hearts that one day our actions will have severe consequences, we just prefer to cross our fingers and hope that they come when we are gone.  This crossed fingers thing, it isn’t working well for us lately.  But we still cross our fingers in hopes that this is just a glitch and not a new paradigm.

I believe that life is like dominoes.  There are moments in our lives when the road that we have been traveling on reaches a fork.  On each path of the fork are rows of dominoes.  This is as much free will as we are going to get.  Once we push down one domino, we are on that path until the next fork and whatever lies in front of us cannot be changed.  There are destiny points in our lives that we will reach regardless of what we do.  These are where we either learn the lessons our collective and individual journeys were meant to teach us – or – we begin new journeys.

There are these moments in which we have choices to make.  What we choose, which domino we push, will be based upon what, if anything, we have learned thus far on our journey.  It is like a train station with many trains leaving, trains that will each take different tracks, yet all end up at the same station where we either leave, and end our journey, or get on a different train.  Once we get on a train, we are on it until it stops, and whatever happens, happens from that point on.  No more choices.  We get on the train, or push down the domino – we have created the point of no return.

We know that every species plays a role in the balance of our ecosystem.  We have no way of knowing the effect of the mass extinctions that we are causing.  We can guess, what the outcome could be if we continue to lose our bee populations.  It is clear that our plants don’t pollinate themselves.  One of the reasons that I find the prophesies of these ancient peoples such as the Maya so valuable is because they did have access to the history that preceded them.  When Christianity spread throughout the world, so did the mass destruction of any records that preceded its existence.  We have scant information to piece together; however, I believe that we have been left with enough.

There is no way of knowing which straw will break the camel’s back.   I remember a few months before September 11th I wrote an article for a local magazine in which I stated that I felt that the feelings of anger, inequity and hatred in the atmosphere (emotional atmosphere) had reached critical mass and something had to happen – somewhere it had to blow.  There is always a point when everything reaches critical mass, like a storm cloud hanging in the air waiting for that last molecule of moisture to hit it and the water pours out.

The moment that patient zero contracted AIDS was a point of no return for an epidemic that continues to kill millions of people.  There is one ash, one spark that floats into the brush and smolders for hours before turning into a fire that wipes out thousands of homes and kills countless people.  The moment that the ash touched the dry brush was a point of no return even though no one saw it or its results for hours or perhaps days.  Perhaps it was the day a butterfly flapped its wings in South America, leading to hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  It could be an election.

The world is not going to end.  We will plunge ourselves into a period of painful darkness, death, and suffering.  In the end, we will understand that hatred is the most dangerous terrorist and as long as hatred exists – no one will ever be safe.  We will understand that greed is the one greatest toxin in our environment, and so long as we cling to it, we doom ourselves and our children to inevitable disease and starvation.  In revelation the Bible talks about 144,000 souls.  The Mayan long count of 144,000 days is coming to an end.  In numerology that number equals 9.  Nine is the number of endings, but more of seeding the future with itself.  Something is happening – now.  Something bigger is going to happen soon, but if we look for it with narrow lenses we will miss it.  It is in the big picture.  When we focus all of our attention on one hole in the dam, we can become too sure that we don’t really have to worry.  But if we look up and see all of the holes in the dam, we will act now.  The action that we need now is to become wise.  We need to evolve into the people able to do what must be done.  And we need to do this now.  I found this in an essay written by Ervin Laszlo and it best describes how we must transform our living now.


1. Live in ways that enable all other people to live as well, satisfying your needs without detracting from the chances of other people to satisfy theirs.

2. Live in ways that respect the right to life and to economic and cultural development of  all people, wherever they live and whatever their ethnic origin, sex, citizenship, station in life, and  belief system.

3. Live in ways that safeguard the intrinsic right to life and to an environment supportive of life for all the things that live and grow on Earth.

4. Pursue happiness, freedom, and personal fulfillment in harmony with the integrity of nature and with consideration for the similar pursuits of others in society.

5. Require that your government relate to other nations and peoples peacefully and in a spirit of cooperation recognizing the legitimate aspirations for a better life and a healthy environment of all the people in the human family.

6. Require business enterprises to accept responsibility for all their stakeholders as well as for the sustainability of their environment, demanding that they produce goods and offer services that satisfy legitimate demand without impairing nature and reducing the opportunities of smaller and less-privileged entrants to compete in the marketplace.

7. Require public media to provide a constant stream of reliable information on basic trends and crucial processes to enable you and other citizens and consumers to reach informed decisions on issues that affect your and their lives and well-being.

8. Make room in your life to help those less privileged than you to live a life of dignity, free from the struggles

9. Encourage young people and open-minded people of all ages to evolve the spirit that could empower them to make ethical decisions of their own on issues that decide their future and the future of their children.

10. Work with like-minded people to preserve or restore the essential balances of the environment, with attention to your neighborhood, your country or region, and the whole of the biosphere.

It is my belief that December 21, 2012 will be an important date for the future of mankind – but I don’t think that anything noticeably dramatic will occur on it.  I believe that it is simply the point of no return – the quiet falling of the first domino.  It could come in any form, such as, a bill that does or does not pass Congress.  It could be a new disease – or new form of an old one.  It could be a high school chemistry major who could not take being bullied one more day and creates an airborne chemical weapon which he unleashes in an airport.  It could be an act of war, or the last pollutant entering the atmosphere which will cause, at a later date, the natural disaster that changes everything.  We know what we have to do.  But, then again, we can just cross our fingers.