To keep Love we must value it – and realize where it comes from

Falling in love is as easy as anything else that we fall into.  It begins as an accident, if one believes in such things as accidents.  It requires merely paying no attention to what we are doing.  We cannot plan where we fall in love, nor can we plan with whom we fall in love.  As all seemingly accidental occurrences, we are completely unaware of the process.

It is like walking through a field and tripping on something that causes us to fall.  When we land, we find that right in front of our faces is the most rare, exquisite, delicate, beautiful rose that we have ever seen.   It is a rose that seems designed by God with a fragrance that caresses our hearts in a way that nothing else ever has.  The fragrance awakens our senses to all that is beautiful in ourselves and in the world around us.

If it were a Rose – rare, beautiful and delicate, what would we do with it?  Most of us would seek the best way to nurture and maintain it.  We would search for the proper soil, the proper nutrition, the proper light and amount of water.  We would tend to it – doing whatever we can to insure that it was safe from harm.  All of this, we would do to preserve this rose.  Yet, we do not realize that love is no less precious, delicate, beautiful and no less a gift from God than a rose, and requires no less attention and care.

The soil that this love grows in is the relationship between those who are in love.  The relationship is not the love, it is the soil where the love is grown and nurtured.  So how do we care for this soil?  How do we protect it?  How do we keep it from harmful elements?  What should the soil consist of?  It should consist of trust, respect, unselfishness, forgiveness, and unconditional support.  It should be watered every day with the waters of compassion and gratitude.  And it should always be in a place where the light that forever shows it’s beauty and illuminates its value.

Love should be guarded constantly from the hazardous poisons of anger, resentment, envy, jealousy and thoughtlessness.  These are toxins that slowly steal the nutrients from this special rose and cause it to dry up, and to wither away before our very eyes.  Particularly damaging in an irreversible way are hurtful words – they burrow into the rose of love and find their way to its root, slowly eating at its anchor in the soil, cutting it off from any ability to receive nutrients.

When the majority of us are given this special rose by God, we treat it as though it were a weed, able to take care of itself.  The difference between a weed and a rose is that a weed takes for itself from all that is around it, while a rose only gives of itself and the more that it cherished, the more beautiful and fragrant it becomes, and the more joy and peace it brings into our lives.  We do not need to care for a weed because it will feed itself – absorbing the good in our hearts.  Those things that destroy a rose, nourish a weed.  We must care for those things that bring us joy – those things that rob us take care of themselves.

Perhaps we do not value love because it does not elevate our social status, it may just do the opposite.  Or it could be that we do not care for it because it does not put money into our pockets.  It certainly does not feed the ego.  It feeds the heart.  Maybe we don’t value it because it is a product of God’s love for us and not a product of the world.  It may just be that we don’t value what we don’t pay for.  When in truth, we may not pay to acquire love, but we never seem to stop paying for losing it.  God works in the opposite way from the world.  The world exacts the highest price for that which it values the most, while losing what you paid for is free.  God’s greatest gifts,  love, friendship, trust, respect, forgiveness, the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, the earth that we live on, all are given to us for free.  However, we pay a price greater than any man could measure, when we misuse, or destroy any of them.

God does not ask us to earn what we have not yet received.  God asks us to realize, appreciate and love all that we are given.  God does not punish us for destroying what we have been given either, God does not charge us for destroying or losing what we have been given, we pay through the lack of what we destroy.  We only ever suffer at our own hands.  God gives, man takes away.  Love is the greatest gift of all – it is the gift of God himself.

It is time that we begin to think – begin to awaken to our responsibility for the gifts that we are given – those gifts are the gifts that give life, and even greater than this – they give life its value.  If you are lucky enough to be given a rose of love, don’t think that it requires nothing from you.  Don’t think that the things of God work like the things of the world.  If you can get the money, you can have anything of the world.  If you can get the money, you can keep anything of the world.  There is not enough money in the world to buy what God gives us, love, life, or the air that we breathe.    Money cannot maintain the things of God.  And when we lose, through neglect, greed, selfishness, or carelessness the things of God, there is no cost in the world that can equal the price that we must pay.   What cannot be bought, cannot be replaced.  God’s gifts seem to come to us from out of nowhere, accidentally, or they are just there when we arrive.  This does not by any means give them less value because there is only one source that can create from out of nothing – out of nowhere – out of Itself – the unknowable, incomprehensible, One True Source – God.

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