Barack Obama is the face of the New America

I don’t see Barack Obama coming into the White House and working miracles, his miracle was making it to the White House.  I see him as the face of the melting pot in which we live, with pride.  I see him as a man with one agenda – to place this nation back on the path our forefathers intended.  He is a father of two young children and understands that the lives that they lead as adults will depend, as will the lives of every child in this country, on building up the foundations upon which the country can again grow.

We cannot be the greatest nation in the world if we are not the healthiest, we cannot be the greatest nation in the world if we are not the most educated.  This does not mean having the healthiest rich, but having the healthiest masses.  It does not mean having the most educated rich, but having the most educated masses.  To continue on the path that we have been going would deny his children and all of our children a future that is safe, that is free, and that is happy.

I had given up on this country ever being strong again.  I had given up because to do so will require great sacrifices, especially from those corporations and individuals who are responsible for the enormous gulf that has grown over the past twenty years between the wealthy and the middle class, causing the middle class to become an endangered species in the United States.  I have hope because I see Barack Obama as a man who is willing to do the hard things, as us to do the hard things for the right reasons.

But I must say that personally, and a bit selfishly, I am grateful beyond words for Barack Obama.  It is not just because he has changed the lives of African Americans and how they will forever on see themselves.  But because he has given a true place in history to a growing segment of the population, to I have been a lifelong member – an unseen, uncounted, and poorly represented minority group  known to the Census Bureau as ‘Other’.