The Word

“Before you speak, ask yourself, is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?” — Sai Baba

Jesus said, “Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all.” I sought the truth and I was disturbed because the Truth conflicted with my own beliefs.  Yet when I was disturbed I became awed by the power of the Truth and so I did marvel.  And when I marveled, I accepted, and when I accepted, I attained power over my life.

In the beginning man observed nature, and communicated meaning through the qualities of the animals.  So transformation might be represented by a butterfly which transformed from a caterpillar, or a frog which is transformed from a tad pole.

Then came letters with each letter having a meaning and in expanding and combining the different letters based not on their sounds but on their meanings, words were put together.  In the Semitic languages there is a spiritual meaning for each letter and so in the combining of letters you have not a single word, but a symbol which represents a meaning that must be understood in its context.  This is the reason why the Torah, or the Old Testament is studied on a daily basis, the belief being that like creation which is ongoing, so too does the torah grow in meaning as we read it.

In Aramaic, the word Alaha (Allah) can be translated to mean, sacred unity, oneness, the All, the ultimate power, or the one that is many. Spirit, is translated in the bible from a word that means, breath, wind or air.  Worship is translated from a word that means surrender.  Truth in the bible is translated from a word that means, that which liberates, that which opens, that which acts in keeping with Universal harmony.  And Forgive is translated from a word that means, to let go, to set free, and to omit.  In Aramaic, the word used for blood is also used for wine, sap, juice and essence it comes from the same root word as Adam.  The word for fruit also means offspring and the word for vine also means blood lineage.

The phrase translated to “Son of Man” in Aramaic means, human being, so for Jesus to refer to himself as the Son of Man is merely referring to himself as a human being, it was a common substitute for “I”.  In the Beautitudes where it is said, “They shall be called the children of God”, another translation of the same words would be, “They shall be called channels for Unity”.  Most importantly, the word that Jesus used in Aramaic for “sin”, implies a correctable error, something temporarily lost.  So a better translation of someone who was the forgiver of sins, was someone who helped those who cling to their errors, find the way to freedom in Unity.

In the beginning of the twentieth century, Science entered into the realm of the metaphysical, or the realm of spirit.  Physical means that which can be observed by our senses.  Metaphysical is that which cannot.  Science has now, with Quantum Physics, entered into the metaphysical world.  The physical world according to the new science is the manifestation of the metaphysical world, what many mystics have been saying since the beginning of time.  The metaphysical world, the quantum world is a world that appears to be chaotic; the first problem was that light seemed to be at once particles and then at other times waves.  In the physical world nothing can be a particle and a wave.  Then when they began to measure particles, they found that they could not measure both the distance and speed travelled because they seemed to arrived at whatever the destination at the moment that they departed, or to be at two places in the same moment.  This quantum world is also so sensitive, that whatever we do to measure it affects the outcome of the measurement.  So we are not observers of the experiments, we are part of the experiments.  As strange as it is, the real world, the world that is no more than potential and probabilities manifests a world of humans, trees, skies, oceans, rivers, streams, mountains, buildings, sidewalks and all that we see, hear, feel, taste, and touch.God spoke the world into being:

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,

We do not live in the world; we live in the Words that describe the world.  God spoke the world into being; existence is a word that only has meaning in contrast to the word nonexistence.  The world does not exist in itself; it exists to us because we have a name for it and so a description of what it is supposed to be.  The words existence and nonexistence in themselves impart no meaning.  The metaphysical world, the spiritual world – does not exist in words, it exists in meanings.  All things come into being through the Word, without the Word nothing exists.  The Word is the manifestation of the Universe.  The Word is considered masculine, and so it would be because it is action.  God has no name, God has no image.  This is because God is without beginning and without end and without description.  A name has a beginning, an end and a description.  A name defines a thing – it tells us what it is, or who it is.  God is without definition or limitation. We are each the Word made flesh.  We have a name, which has a number and that number has a vibration.  Nothing exists outside of the Word. Nothing exists without a word.  The first thing that God instructed Adam to do was to do was to name everything in the world.  What did he do?  He spoke everything into manifestation.  Whatever has no words to describe it cannot exist for us.  There is nothing more important in our universe than the Word.  And each word has a number and that is what the universe sees.  We each have a name and a number and it’s vibration is written in God’s book.

Ancient Priests used words to heal understanding that the sounds of certain words had an effect on certain parts of the body.  The Magicians and Sorcerers of ancient times used words to manifest.  Prayer, and Mantras are words used to evoke whatever outcome is being sought.  Rulers and Politicians have historically used words to win over the populace.  Advertising is based on the use of catchy words and phrases.  The US President today uses these catchy words in his war campaign.  “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, for example.  Words can make people, even whole nations act in ways that they normally would not.  Words can convince, enchant, heal and destroy.
If we can believe that the power of the mind can manifest things or experiences in the outer world, imagine what that power, given sound and released could accomplish.  There is no greater tool known to man than the word.

The physical body is a vehicle for the self.  “I”, that which I know as myself can neither be seen, nor touched.  Anything that can damage my body cannot damage my spirit.  Yet, that which can damage my spirit can destroy my life.  Words, are the weapons or the salve that reaches into what cannot be seen, reaches into our hearts and souls.

When I was a small child I was deeply aware of the impact of words.  Hurtful words seemed to enter into my solar plexus like a knife twisting and spreading throughout my being long before they seemed to enter my mind.  It was as if by the time I heard the words – the damage was already done.  In my home, words were the weapon of choice.  I watched as each family member was stabbed and brutalized by words spoken in anger by another.  What astonished me the most, was after the anger came the apologies, or the, “I didn’t really mean it”.  The person who spoke the words actually believed that they could be retrieved.  A bullet can be retrieved, a knife can be retrieved, a spoken or written word can never be retrieved, and its damage can never be undone.  No amount of apologies or forgiveness can ever undo the poison of a word misspoken.  There is no antidote.   Can you find the organ of self-worth and heal it?  Can you find the organ of self-confidence and heal it?  Parents should use each word spoken to or in the presence of children with the utmost care.  Whatever you call your child he will call himself for the rest of his life.

Children are suggestible; they work within the description of themselves that they take from their environments.  The words that we mean and words that we don’t have no discernable difference to a child.  The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what was meant as truth and what was meant to make a point, or to hurt. To an adult who has been raised with a less than positive description of himself or herself all negative words have meaning.  I remember as a child hearing a neighbor compliment a drawing that I had made.  I remember my mother responding, “Yes, she has talent, but…”.  I don’t remember what came after the “but”, all I remember is that I expect the “but” every time I do something well and it is noticed.  I expect to be exposed as a fraud.

We all have different reactions to the words that we hear as a child.  Some children who hear that they will never amount to anything or that they are not good enough to succeed react to these words as a challenge – or a means to receive the needed approval or love and so they reach amazing heights.  Some react by never trying to be more than is expected of them based upon the things that they heard.  Many grow up to become leaders; they go on to inspire generations that follow.  These people reach higher and higher, they amass more and more searching for that achievement that will fill the whole left by those words spoken years before.  Nothing built from the material world, or gained in the material world can ever heal a spiritual wound, a wound caused by words.  It is only through finding the spiritual meaning that we can extract the poison.  As in the Bible story of Joseph, we must reach to understand God’s reason for words spoken by others.  Emotional pain and suffering are not human constructs.  They are built into our egos for the purpose of moving us to achieve the goals that we have set in each incarnation.  Pain bores like a drill deep into our center and the path that is drilled deepens the meaning of the lessons as we learn them.  Those who have hurt us with careless words have been ignorant of the power within those words.  They only understand pain as being caused by a physical act.   It is for us to understand that the people who hurt us with their words are the ones chosen to deliver that which we must learn from, and often – that which we must use to teach or lead others.

Most relationships are not destroyed by the actions of those involved, but by the words of those involved.  When two people enter into a relationship they are placing their hearts, their hopes and their trust in one who has entered into their lives holding a mirror through which they see themselves in their most beautiful and flawless state.  The “other” holds up a mirror in which they see themselves through love.  Only once before were they so vulnerable and that was when they came into the world.  As soon as they begin to disagree, they feel threatened.  Each fearing that the other, who carried the mirror of their goodness, and their beauty, will take it away.  Feeling threatened they lash out with words that are spoken in anger, meant to intimidate, threaten or hurt the other into staying in the same place, not changing, not growing and, not putting down the mirror.  The words start flying, the mirror starts cracking, the trust begins to wither, and although there are apologies, and despite attempts to retrieve the words spoken – the bond is weakened.  The words cannot be retracted.  And if they continue, the bond, worn away by the acidic action of the words, becomes permanently destroyed.  The word is mightier than the sword.

So often a person dies of an illness that could have been overcome, had the doctor not declared  an approaching death.   A researcher noticed that people who were mentally challenged had a much lower mortality rate from a certain type of Cancer than did others.  Surprisingly, what they found was that it had nothing to do with genetics, there was no special anti-body attributed to the mentally challenged.  It was as simple as the fact that they did not recognize, or understand Cancer as a death sentence.  Because the word “Cancer” was meaningless to them, and could not be explained, the emotional contribution, which is obviously great, to the deterioration of the body was not there.  It had no more impact on their spiritual, or emotional bodies than if someone had sad that they had a large do-di-da.  If we take responsibility for nothing else in our lives, we must take responsibility for the words that we place in the hearts, minds and bodies of others.  We must fill them with loving truth.  Use them wisely.  Seek their meaning.  Words are the greatest power given to us.

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