Returning To The Sun

Our bodies are composed of the same minerals as the earth upon which we live. All life on the earth is basically composed of the earth. It is the earth that nurtures and feeds our bodies and life that lives on the planet. However, despite the earth’s nourishment and the immense force of gravity that holds all life forms not rooted in the earth on its surface, our Universe revolves around and all life on earth grows towards the Sun. Our planet and all forms of life that live on it depend on the Sun for growth. While the Sun itself does not feed us, and it does not shelter us, the light that it gives us calls all life to grow. It pulls us upward and away from the earth, upward towards itself. Even plants turn their leaves towards the Sun, towards this light.

All who have had near death experience recall seeing and being drawn towards the “Light”, and most of us believe that when we leave our bodies our souls are finally taken into the “Light”. If we allow that this journey here on earth is a symbolic experience for the soul, then the light of the Sun is symbolic of what we are, what we have come from, and where we must strive to reach. It is a symbolic reminder to the soul of life, to the spark of light within all, that it is a spark of divine light and what it is, and what that means, is more important than where it is. It is letting us know inside that what we are is eternal and where we are is temporary.

The Sun activates, heals and nourishes the Spirit within all living things. It reminds us that although we all live on different parts of the planet, we all face the same Light, we all grow towards the same Light, and there is but one. The Sun lights the earth, while the Moon lights the darkness. We revolve around the Sun, we revolve around the Light – the center of all beings is the same one Light. The moon revolves around the earth, it has no light of its own, yet the Sun sends enough light to the Moon to tell us that even in the darkness, there is light. The moon reflects the light of the Sun and the earth reflects the spirit of life, but the Sun shines as a reminder to us of what is being reflected.

Just as a tree is drawn by the Sun to fulfill the promise of the seed, man is drawn by the Sun to fulfill the promise of humanity. We are asked to be humane, to rise above other animals on the planet. We have mastered the art of tool making, this does not really place us above our nearest relatives in the animal kingdom, our agility and creativity have allowed us to improve upon the things that all animals do in some form or another. We have taken the fulfillment of our animalistic needs to the level of mastery, but we have not freed ourselves from the yoke of the animal kingdom by mastering the art of being humane and spiritual beings.

Fear, need, and the genetic imperative to survive drive herds to instinctively protect their own, they drive animals to instinctively nurture their young. To nurture and defend one’s family, tribe, city, religious group, race, country, even species, is earthly animal instinct. To do it with manufactured foods, man made materials, genetically enhanced herbs, and weapons of mass destruction shows nothing more than we are the cleverest of apes, no surprise we are on the top of the food chain, but none of that makes us human. What makes us human is our self-awareness. We are aware of the spirit that dwells within our bodies. We are aware that we are more than this body. We are capable, through this awareness, of great selfless service. We know that in releasing the little egoic, animal self, we merge with the greater self symbolized by the Sun that radiates its life giving energy to all life on the planet and not just to one group.

Something inside of all living things knows that the Sun represents life in its truest eternal form and so everything on this planet grows in the direction of the Sun. All life on this planet exists in the shadow of death, and only humans have been endowed with the ability to step out of the shadow and into the light without first having to die. This is what we must do in order to save ourselves. We must emulate the Sun, and radiate through love, and compassion, by embracing, nurturing, and protecting every life that the Sun shines upon. In this way we step up, we step out of the animal kingdom and become the fullness of the seed from which we have come. Our living, our being will be a true reflection of our real essence.

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